WinDownload is a Windows (.net framework), utility that can be used to download pictures from one or more SmugMug galleries to a PC's hard drive.

SmugMug is a great place to post pictures so that others can view them online, however, if you need more than a few images downloaded back to a PC; to create a video or slideshow, or to put on your phone or IPAD, then WinDownload will help you do it in a few clicks.

In addition to WinDownload, the WinDownload Install includes a command line utility. The help for command line processing is here.


An example is illustrated below, where, after specifying the user, WinDownload.exe was instructed to download "Large" size pictures from the user's most recently modified album, resize and compress them, and save them to an existing folder called "c:\MySmugMugPictures".

Individual images can be specified by clicking on a button in the "Selected Images" column.

After clicking "Start Download", download processing begins. Progress and errors are reported to the user.