SmugMug is a great place to post pictures so that others can view them online. Personally, I have spent a lot of time organizing and tagging my SmugMug galleries and photos.

Sometimes I want to create a video or slideshow, a season ending CD for the team, or load the pictures on my phone or IPAD. For these tasks, I download the SmugMug pictures to my PC for processing.

CLDownload is a Windows (.net framework), command line, utility that can be used to download all the pictures from one or more SmugMug galleries to a PC's hard drive. Once on the hard drive, you can create a video, make a CD, copy the pictures to your phone, etc.

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An example download command is illustrated below, where, from a "Command Prompt" window, CLDownload.exe was instructed to download "Large" size pictures, resize and compress them, and save them to an existing folder called "c:\MySmugMugPictures". The albums list was contained in a file called "TestDownloadList.txt". Although the command line syntax seems a bit of a bother at first, it provides a flexible way to control the batch processing. If you are new to the Command Prompt, there is plenty of information on the web.

C:\Program Files\CLDownload>CLDownload.exe size=L/createfolders=1/resize=320,480 ,90,1/rootfolder=c:\MySmugMugPictures <TestDownloadList.txt
Getting Album List...
12075099_UDQi5 password=Public
Logging In...
431659930_IMG_3167_enh.jpg keywords:"2008",
543904560_IMG_6377_2.jpg keywords:fjh, track, rachel,2009
543913981_IMG_6403.jpg keywords:fjh, track, 2009, conference
536085002_IMG_5589.jpg keywords:"2009" fjh track
543995134_IMG_6555.jpg keywords:2009, track, fjh
541347090_IMG_6302.jpg keywords:"2009" fjh track

C:\Program Files\CLDownload>