MakeAlbumList Command Line Options Reference


An album list for the specified nickname will be created.
Example: "/nickname=dsweet", dsweet is the nickname for


Providing the owner's password will allow access to all content.


If any albums are protected by a site-wide password then the sitepassword must be specified in addition to the /nickname. This is not necessary if an ownerpassword is supplied.


Specify a comma delimited list of keywords. Only albums matching one of the keywords will be in the output list. This option will slow down the application as all the images in each gallery must be traversed.
Example: "/imagekeywords=fjh,track"


Specify a filename and the resulting album list will be sorted and saved to it. The text file can then be edited and used as input to CLDownload. This is especially useful when album passwords are required for access. MakeAlbumList will append "password=?" to an album key. You can edit the file and add the passwords. If you execute CLDownload using the ownerpassword, then album passwords are not necessary.
Example: "/output=c:\albumlist.txt"