A Simple Workflow Example

Step 1 Get the album id for the album containing the images you want to download to your hard drive. The album id can be found in the address when accessing a SmugMug gallery. It is the text between the / and the #. If you are going to download from more than a few albums, see the MakeAlbumList section in this document for another way to get the album ids.

Step 2 Open a command prompt window.

Step 3 Enter the commands that are highlighted, in yellow, in the example below.
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\>mkdir MyFirstDownload

C:\>cd MyFirstDownload

C:\MyFirstDownload>mkdir Pictures

C:\MyFirstDownload>"c:\Program Files\CLDownload\CLDownload.exe"
No parameters found.
Usage : CLDownload.exe <options>
        [/createfolders=<0,1,2>]    Where 0=rootfolder, 1=rootfolder/album title , 2=rootfolder/category/album title
        [/converttojpeg=<0 or quality>] Where: 0 = no conversion, quality from 1 to 100
        [/resize=<MaxX>,<MaxY>,<Quality>,<MaximizeOption> Where 0 >Quality<=100 and MaximizeOption = 1(none), 2(swap), 3(rotate)
        /rootfolder=<path> Where path is the destination root folder

        CLDownload.exe size=L/resize=400,300,95,1/rootfolder=C:\temp

C:\MyFirstDownload>"c:\Program Files\CLDownload\CLDownload.exe" size=S/rootfolder=.\Pictures
Getting Album List...
12075099_UDQi5 password=Public
12075099_UDQi5 password=Public
Logging In...
   431659930_IMG_3167_enh.jpg keywords:"2008",
   543904560_IMG_6377_2.jpg keywords:fjh, track, rachel,2009
   543913981_IMG_6403.jpg keywords:fjh, track, 2009, conference
   536085002_IMG_5589.jpg keywords:"2009" fjh track
   543995134_IMG_6555.jpg keywords:2009, track, fjh
   541347090_IMG_6302.jpg keywords:"2009" fjh track


Note: If the album requires a password and you are not logging in as the owner, then append "password=[password]" to the end of the album key as shown in the example above. You can keep entering album keys (followed by enter). When the album list is complete type "eof" and hit enter. Processing will then begin.

Hint: One can use Windows Explorer to examine the downloaded jpgs during processing. If you discover that the wrong options were specified, you can abort by entering a control-C, deleting the files, and then using the up-arrow to modify the last command entered before issuing the command again.